Office in Helsinki
Nordenskiöldsgatan 18 A
FI-00250 Helsinki, Finland
tel +358 (0)9 43 42 36 0

Office in Vasa
Handelsesplanaden 20 A
FI-65100 Vasa, Finland
tel +358 (0)6 319 56 50

Inclusion Finland FDUV

FDUV is a non-profit organisation for Swedish-speaking persons with intellectual disability and their close relatives in Finland. FDUV also works for persons with other learning or communication difficulties.

FDUV stands for Förbundet De Utvecklingsstördas Väl (Association for Swedish-speaking persons with intellectual disability in Finland).

Under the Finnish Constitution, persons with intellectual disability have the same rights as all other Finnish citizens.
FDUV advocates for

  • equal status in society for persons with intellectual disabilities
  • support in mother tongue for Swedish-speaking persons with disabilities

FDUV represents eleven regional DUV associations and Steg för Steg (Step by Step), the national association for persons with intellectual disability. The regional DUV associations are active over the whole area of Swedish-speaking Finland and have in total approximately 2 700 members. FDUV has offices in Helsinki and Vaasa.

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FDUV, Förbundet De Utvecklingsstördas Väl